Our brewery is at the back of our brewpub, behind the glass at the end of our bar. If you pop your head through, you will see our bottling machine on your left, followed by four 1000HL fermentors, and on your right a 500HL brewhouse. For our staple beers such a the Moreneta series, the Pils Parlament, and the Ceci N’est Pas Une IPA we do double batches to ensure stable and consistent flavour in our beers, and 500L for our seasonal beers like the La Fumée, WinterTonka and future beers.

Belgian craft: We only use the best Belgian malts and freshest hops to ensure the highest quality beers.

Catalan spirit: We always try to use local ingredients and give a twist to classic Belgian recipes- from the bayleaves in our Blanca, the honey in our Blonde, to the wine must in our upcoming spring beer!


Parlament 45
08003 Poble Sec.